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[VOCALOID] Best of Kagamine Len/Rin Empty [VOCALOID] Best of Kagamine Len/Rin

Post by Tyranidking on Wed Apr 06, 2011 8:41 am

Kagamine Rin and Len are VOCALOID voice synthesisers designed for singing J-pop and other related song genres. They are young characters and their songs often reflect this.

VOCALOIDS have no canon personality. However, the Fandom generally sees Rin and Len as Twins who are mirror opposites in terms of mentality- Rin is a bold and outgoing bully, Len is a shy and enclosed nice kid. Because they are both siblings, they both share this thread. Len is young, yet he often drops heavy, unfair responsibilities on himself. His adultlike behaviour often gives him the title of Shotaro boy, because despite his age, he takes his responsibilities far too seriously. Rin is the opposite, a loud mouthed genki girl who takes nothing seriously.

Best of Rin and Len:
SHOTA=RELEASE by Kagamine Len
Warning, this song may have sensitive undertones. Len is a
rape victim
in this song.

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown by Kagamine Rin

I like you, I love you by Kagamine Rin
Admit it, you've been in a position where you can't express your feelings before. Warning: this song's sugary cuteness is known to trigger death by diabetic shock.

KOKORO+KISEKI(Heart+Wishes) Rin and Len Duet.
My favourite song belonging to them.

Paradichlorobenzene by Kagamine Len (Rin as backing vocals.)
This song is insane. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with the hydrocarbon in its title. It is just insanely awesome.

A thirteen year-old killer By Kagamine Rin.
This song has some highly sensitive lyrics. You were warned.

YandeRenka/YandeLenka, Len's Psychotic Love Song by Kagamine Len.
Warning, you might find this unsettling, due to Yandere behaviour.

Magical Kitty Len Len! By Kagamine Len.
Lighthearted and fun, to detract from the somewhat darker ones above.

Give me back my pants! By Kagamine Len.
Another one, probably one of the many songs responsible for Len's Shota treatment.

That's all for now.

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