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Dwarf Fortress

Post by FortressMasterAaron on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:52 am

Dwarf Fortress is a fantasy simulation/strategy game made by Bay 12 Games. It is mostly programmed by Tarn Adams, aka ToadyOne, who is assisted by his brother Zach Adams, aka ThreeToe. The graphics are composed entirely of ASCII characters. While still in beta,the game is very complex, and games can easily gain a level of depth and detail that is almost uncanny. The game features randomly generated worlds with randomized history and geography, with weather, temperature, and entity movements tracked in real time. It also tracks wounds and diseases on hundreds of entities, keeping tabs on everything from bruises to broken necks. In addition, DF features:
-Over 200 types of ores,minerals,and gems in realistically generated veins and pockets
-Diverse arrays of jobs and talents, from Soapmaker to Swordsman
-Randomly generated titans wandering the world
-Realistic biomes and terrain, populated with accurate creatures and plants
-A vibrant and active forums community (just like Eurospore!)
-Easy mod and texture pack support
Does anyone here know about or play this game? Is anyone interested? For the curious, here is the site: www.bay12games.com/dwarves/

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