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Gang Garrison

Post by ultimateplay91 on Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:07 am

What is it?
Gang Garrison 2 is a freeware, open-source, indie video game "demake" of Valve Software's Team Fortress 2. Inspired by the 3D graphics of Team Fortress 2, it takes place in a 2D, 8-bit environment, while retaining its online multiplayer gameplay. The game was started by users "mrfredman" and "MedO", with other users contributing to development. It was conceived as an entry into the 2008 "Bootleg Demake" competition. It has 9 TF2 inspired classes and 1 secret class. Battle with your friends or others you encounter online through a whole range of vibrant maps; TF2 maps reimagined in 2D as well as a multitude of maps with all sorts of different looks and settings, all of which have been dreamed up and constructed by members of the community. Download here:

What is this?
This thread is a place, for new players and old, to discuss things and to host eurospore servers etc.

How can I join?
Download the game, play it, and tell us your username in the game. If you want, tell us a tagline so we can put it next to your name.

Purple means admin, green means mod, and red means banned
1. ultimateplay91/Alias "Ima spy!"

How to unlock the secret Cave Story characters.
Included in the game is a hidden or secret character (referred to as "Huh" in the Readme.txt) which can be selected by first going in your class selection menu and then pressing "Q". You will spawn as a character from the game "Cave Story" (Quote for RED team and Curly for BLU team).

In previous versions of the game, the character itself was an alternate version of the soldier with a higher rate of fire and is smaller, therefore harder to hit making it a very unbalanced character. It now shoots and controls bubbles that knock opponents away but also alternatively throws a sword that does a substantial amount of damage. As of beta 39a, servers now have the option to set the cvar "secret_characters=0" which will disable secret characters.


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Re: Gang Garrison

Post by ultimateplay91 on Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:08 am



You are fast. Others aren't.
100 HP. Watch your health meter.
Scatter Gun needs velocity to be effective.
The more bullets, the more damage.
Double Jump will get you places others cannot.
Hit and runs are your best hope.
Noobs couldn't hit a barn door with a bazooka, so what's the probability they can hit a Runner?
Once you start running, don't stop.
Mess with your enemies for best results when using Runner.
You cap points twice as fast as other people.
Scout rush final points.

Runner: Fighting with other runners are tough as they tend to do the same as you. One strategy is jumping around while shooting.

Firebug: Watch out! This guys are a big rival to your type. His menacing flames will knock you out as he tends to follows you while you are running away. Although the Runner is faster, the Firebug's speed, combined with his range allow him to almost always kill you, if he ends up chasing you. Try taking him down from afar and if he approaches you... RUN!!

Rocketman: With quick reflexes, you will be able to dodge his rockets easily with your double jump. However, you could easily get owned by its rockets if it hits you. Hilariously, the blast of the rocket could send you flying to new places...if you are still alive.

Overweight: Being fat and obese, these guys don't pose much of a threat to you. However, DO NOT get too close to them as you will get instantly killed by his rain of bullets. Avoid him by jumping over him, if possible.

Detonator: Not a threat in close counters but frequently pose a threat when you are about to take the Intel. He will place mines around the briefcase and plans to blow up the mines when you try to take the bag. Eliminate the Detonator before you get your palms on the bag as the detonator can not fight back when he has maxed out his mine-placement without blowing up his mines. If however the Detonator is safely behind his team-only doors, then try to get as close as you can and jump away at the last second. The Detonator will blow up the mines, but if you are quick enough to jump away and he is too stupid to blow them up when you haven't taken the briefcase yet, then you will get some amount of damage, but then you can take the briefcase while the Detonator hasn't had enough time to lay the mines again.

Healer: This guy can kill you, but is easily avoided. The only real problem posed by healers is their survivability. Make sure you deal all of your damge at once, so they have no time to heal it off.

Constructor: The Constructor himself is somewhat of a threat to you as he fires a similar scattergun. The main problem is the Autogun. After being shot 7-8 times by its accurate bullets, expect yourself to be lying on the floor. Try taking the sentry out by shooting from afar.

Infiltrator: You can't see him most of the time but you will most likely uncover his camouflage while shooting your scattergun. This will help other nearby members to mark out the Infiltrator. In a battle between an Infiltrator and a Runner, try to avoid the revolver gunshot as it deals a whooping 28 damage. Try jumping around.

Rifleman: Keep on jumping!! The Rifleman can not keep a steady aim on you if you jump around. This class packs quite a punch as the rifle's gunshot deals up to 60 to a runner. If you can manage to trick them into scoping in (by running away, or making it seem like your not after them), the fight will be much easier, so long as you avoid the first shot.


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