Keepers of Balance - 1st Part (Adventure Series)

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Keepers of Balance - 1st Part (Adventure Series)

Post by Arkanay on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:21 pm

Greetings, everyone. I have created this topic to show off my most recent adventure series known as:

Keepers of Balance

Work behind Keepers of Balance - 1st Part:

I have devoted a lot of work and attention into this adventure series. I have only created the first part so far and it took me close to a week, working several hours a day, to conclude it. I am quite happy with the results and honestly believe it is one of my best products created through Spore Galactic Adventures. There was a lot of messing around with the G.A. editor and a lot of creating in the Spore creators.

About Keepers of Balance - 1st part:

Keepers of Balance is an adventure series that takes place in a fantasy/magic/middle-age style universe. One of the characteristics of this universe is that all races in it are created by me. Of course a lot of inspiration comes from movies, books and games known by many but I did an effort in creating all of the races that are a part of it, meaning there are no humans, no orcs, no dragons and so forth. One will learn about the races, factions and other type of lore by playing the series and gradually receiving information. A reason for this choice, besides wanting to be original and put my imagination to work, is that I can put Spore to best use and make sure I take advantage of the animations provided for creatures. I'm happy with the results I've gotten.

Keepers of Balance differs from the general Spore Galactic Adventures idea, where the player is usually a captain who goes down to a planet to do something. Things are quite different here. The player has just completed his training with a faction known as Keepers of Balance, who, basically, are a group, like the name says, that fights to defend balance. To quote from the adventure, 'The Keepers of Balance are a faction composed by a mysterious race simply known as Keepers. They have been fighting for equilibrium since the dawn of time. Their true allegiance lies with the Universe and they usually keep to themselves. However, they may pick sides if that would mean restoring balance. Due to that conduct, other races and groups often eye the Keepers with scorn and their work is underrated.' With the training complete, the player becomes an agent and takes on his first mission. There is more information about them and the mission in the adventure, obviously. Wink I just don't want to reveal too much of the plot here.
This means that it is a locked captain series. There are several reasons for this. Like I've stated before, there is a storyline going on where it is critical that the player looks a certain way. Also, I do not believe the adventure would have the right feel to it if someone were to play it as a giant flying toad (though I admit that could be amusing. Razz) Furthermore, it allows me to adjut combat and gameplay much more effectively, which means there are no risks of running into unfair scenarios.
Still, for those who enjoy a certain level of "being" the character, perhaps the fact that the main character wears a mask can help you out, as that means he can look like however you want underneath. Razz

Here are some pictures. Hope you like them:

Some of the creations you can find in the first part:

Main Character, simply known as Keeper

Zu'Paxtar, a lesser creature from the Void

Laekiin Militia

Mage's Guardian

Whispering Undead

Here is the link for the first part of the series in

Description: You are the newest agent of the Keepers of Balance, a faction dedicated to eradicate any threats to the universe's equilibrium. It is now time to venture into the world and pursue those who seek to disrupt harmony. [Fantasy/Lore/Action/Adventure]

Thank you for your attention. I appreciate any questions/comments/feedback/ideas and so on, so feel free to post any here if you'd like to. Smile
Also, this topic is being posted in both the Sporum and EuroSpore.
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