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Post by LordRemington on Mon Apr 12, 2010 9:38 pm

ah I'm angry, let me explain.

Okay originally I had a youtube account called retarthamster. Everything was fine, until it screwed up, due to the new google linking system, I was unable to get bad into my profile, because apparently my account was linked to a google account that didn't exist. Great. this happened about two months ago.

I got over it and made a new account, Addonexus0000, and everything was going fine, I was starting to gain back my subscribers and my views.... until today! I try to login today..... ACCOUNT DISABLED...... confused I looked up what that meant. It meant i had been reported for something that violated the youtube rules and youtube closed my account... for the life of me, I have no idea what rule I breached, in all honesty, I breach tons more rules with my retarthamster account.... So now I am forced to make yet another account and to start again from scratch. huh..... if anyone is even remotely interested, my newest youtube aacount it Calle L0rdRemington;

This is ofcourse, only until my new account gets shut down and I have to make another...... (p.s if you do go to my new one, forgive me for it being bare, I only just set it up 20 minutes ago mind you) huh..................


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