Lost Contact Adventure Series - 10 Parts and Counting *With Trailer*

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Lost Contact Adventure Series - 10 Parts and Counting *With Trailer*

Post by TheBuzzard on Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:56 am

I made a thread about this on the Sporum, but as you probably know that place going downhill lately. Al least all I have to this time is copy, paste and do some editing.

The Story - You beam onbard a Galactic Union Cruiser, designated as the Dimatara, set out to colonise the lush planet Utopia 7. However, when an accidnet severs their link to Mission Control, the ship, its crew, and you become stranded in unexplored space. Carnivorous insects, rogue security drones and even a secret conspiracy will plague the journey. Are you up to the challenge?

*Trailer made by Inferno7 at 16th Adventure Trailers (on the Sporum)*

Soi far, the current installments are as follows:

Part 1

Begin your journey to Utopia 7. Expect late presents, a meteor shower, and exploding comm relays. Please excuse the red crosses where the large thumbnails should be - this was due to a glitch while re-uploading.

Part 2

Crewman are going missing in the engneering decks. Go down there, find out whats going on and rescue as many of your shipmates as you can. Combat and/or stealth abilities required.

Part 3

You need to find a defence against the Scaravoids nesting in the bowels of the ship. Maybe that old, derelict freighter has your answers.

Part 4

The freighter's more dangerous than you thought - get out of there!!

Part 5

You've been rescued by another Galactic Union force lost in this area. Take a break from the stuffy interior of the Dimatara and get some fresh air on the Scenan homworld. Maybe today you can avoid anything dangerous.

Part 6

The assault has been halted, but you return to find the camp deserted. Find your friends, and survive the night.

Part 7

Your stcuk in the bunker. Surely there's more than one exit?

Part 8

New ship, smae crew. What journeys lie ahead now?

Part 9

Continuing on their journey, the crew stops at a Hurriten-Piana reasearch colony to find the all-important superweapon to rid themselves of the Scaravoid menace. But are the colonists willing to help?

Lost Contact Part 10

Head down to the Hurriten-Piana base and destroy all the virus samples. Not as easy as it sounds.

The full Lost Contact Sporecast can be found here.


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