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    Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:34 pm
    Message by Sakiara
    Oh sorry, I didn't see that I had a visitor message. Well I'm not sure how much you know about archaeology, but some of the classes I took were osteology, paleopathology, pre-contact, Cultural Resource Management, a few Egyptology classes, Plains Arcaheology, Human Evolution, Computer Applications with Archaeology, Historical, Gender Archaeology, and Forensic Anthropology. Having Geology classes and taking an excavation course through the university helps a lot too. Going on an excavation is a sweet experience. If you really are interested in it though, I would advise getting your masters degree. It's hard to find a job in the field with just an undergraduate degree. If you want to know more about specific classes or what they entail then let me know as well.

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