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Friend Requests

Post by Tyranidking on Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:39 am

I think, unknown to many, this Forum has a friendship system ^^ On this page, you can announce to whom you have requested to be on your friends list ^^

Here are mine:
*Vektrix: A good friend and brilliant creator, I added vektrix for these two reasons in particular. Vektrix is also very good at inspiring people when it comes to such needs.
*Rebecca1208: I've known Rebecca1208 since I first joined SPORE. She is my closest human friend and she knows more about me than anyone else...which is still barely anything. When she does talk to me on SPORE (Which is rare because she is tied up with literally thousands of subs XD) our conversations generally include animals and nature, but sometimes a good topic comes up (Drunken Doomsoul XD) Rebecca is a Magnificent creator and a trustworthy friend, and I'm sorry to say she suffers more than she should. I've always been there to help, I hope. When it comes to friendship, I put her even above my Tiger and Wolfdog friends, Taldar and Luna. (Which is a massive compliment, ladies and gents.)
*Blazeer: A good old friend of mine, I've known him since the founding of the DAC. He's barely talked to me since its destruction, but I think that's primarily my fault. We both love wolves (Blazeer even named himself 'the wolf' in the DAC. I still recall him by that nickname.) He's a decent creator and a good friend, although sometimes I find it hard to start conversations with him. I've never seen him as being very open to me.
*Andeavor: A magnificent creator, and he is extremely wise. He is also extremely hard to even agitate, let alone annoy, and I respect this very much in a person. He seems to be funny even when he doesn't intend to, which makes him a great person when on the chatbox ^^ A good friend, but I do not know if the feeling is entirely mutual.

There are many more. Please check your profiles to see if you got a buddy request from me on this forum ^^

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