Bad company 2 vs. Modern warfare 2

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Bad company 2 vs. Modern warfare 2

Post by Hutch on Fri Jul 23, 2010 8:59 am

Personally, I love both, with bad company's realistic sniping, and modern warfare 2's fast paced action. I play both often on my Xbox live and would like to see which one you guys prefer. For me, I like Bad company 2's multiplayer a little bit more, I see CONSIDERABLY less little kids, and as I said. Sniping is an actual challenge. Plus, I like the team based gameplay. Add that with vehicles and I have much more fun with my friends. Although modern warfare 2 has much more weapons, but once you get good with a powerful weapon (TAR-21 FTW!) You can easily dominate people. The games are short, compared to my daily dose of hour long rush matches in bad company 2 and as I said before, my ear starts bleeding because I have little kids yelling at each other all the time. Just ruins the fun sometimes

As I said, tell me which one you prefer. And if you have an xbox live and want to play with me, my gamertag is SurgicalAphid.

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